Leela Kids Podcast App

Summer is the perfect time to help children’s interests guide them in what they explore and learn about. Podcasts, or spoken audio, can be both educational and entertaining, are free, and cover a wide range of topics. But it can be difficult to find just the right content.

Sandeep Jain, founder and CEO, developed the Leela Kids Podcast App to help parents and children find age-appropriate and engaging content. When searching for child-friendly podcasts for his own child, he found it frustrating and difficult to sort through all the available content. Leela Kids does this for you. Divided by age group (3–5, 5–8, 8–12, and 12+), and then sorted by interest, the app guides parents and children to available content. More content is added daily, so there’s always something new to hear.

Leela Kids is available for download at both the iTunes store and on Google Play.