LingApps has created AppWriter, the first text editor for the iPad that offers tools for unlocking a world of information to users with reading and writing disabilities.

AppWriter is comprised of text-to-speech software, context based word suggestions, and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology.

The word prediction software predicts the word the user wants to use next, thus providing tools to easily construct sentences and allowing users to develop their writing skills. This reduces the likelihood of spelling or grammatical errors.

OCR technology makes any paper document or image accessible, by allowing users to easily convert textbooks, photocopies, and handouts into text documents that can be spoken aloud, color highlighted, or edited directly on the iPad. OCR comes in over 12 languages.

Another great feature of AppWriter is that it includes the Dyslexie font, which may help people with dyslexia to distinguish individual letters.

Watch the AppWriter video to see how the app works, or visit the LingApps website to learn more.