Luz Rello PhD is using her doctoral studies and results to create applications and resources for dyslexics. She has founded, along with a team of developers, a game developing team called Cookie Cloud that hopes to continue to create games and apps for dyslexic children.
Probably the most popular application created out of Rello’s PhD research is the application Dyseggxia. This game is filled with word exercises designed to improve a dyslexic’s spelling skills. It targets errors in reading and writing that are specific to dyslexics and incorporates four different word identification tactics in each game to help the student’s skills improve. Dyseggxia is currently available for free in the AppStore, and a beta version is available for Android.
The website Text4All also has incorporated Rello’s work with dyslexic reading behaviors. This site, developed by PhD student Vasile Topac,  is designed to re-organize another site’s word format so to make it easier for dyslexics to read. Rello’s contribution to the website, DysWebxia, uses eye-tracking results to style a website’s content to enhance readability for dyslexics. The site also has a “Customizer” option, where a site’s background color, text color, and spacing can be modified to better suit a dyslexic’s reading. Just type a URL into the space provided on the Text4All site and the desired website’s word content is styled to better suit dyslexic readers.
Along with these already available resources, Rello and the Cookie Cloud team are still developing new games and applications for dyslexics. Rello is working on a specialized chess game called Chezz that will strengthen reading abilities of dyslexics. She also plans to develop a DysWebxia Reader for iOS. If you want to learn more about current projects of Rello, check out their website.
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