Monkey Word School Adventure is an application for both smartphones and tablets that covers all of the early concepts of reading and writing. Children ages 3-7 befriend the application’s leading character, Monkey, and his friends as the children complete games in the app. From tracing letters and attaching a phonetic sound on that letter to learning how to recognize sight words, the games are designed to keep the child’s mind learning while also having fun. Other concepts, like consonant blends, simple rhymes, and spelling are addressed as well, and parents can customize the application’s games so the child can focus on one concept for extra practice. A game’s level of difficulty can be adjusted as well, so a parent can increase or decrease the difficulty depending on the age of the child. Upon completing a game, a child is awarded a jungle animal (frogs, butterflies) to add to the application’s interactive terrarium.

Monkey Word School Adventure is available at the AppStore and the GooglePlay store.