YouTube legend and global icon Geraldine the Giraffe makes an appearance in the phonics app Mr. Thorne Does Phonics: Geraldine’s House. Included in this app is 28 episodes of Geraldine roaming around the house in search for letters and sounds of the alphabet in everyday household items. Each episode introduces a new letter and sound that teach children how to become good readers. Recorded in HD, there are 90 minutes of phonics video that aid in the transition from learning to read to reading to learn. One teacher has praised “I cannot say enough wonderful things about Mr. Thorne and Geraldine! You are awesome and my students are so excited and ready to learn from you!” Additionally, Mr. Thorne has a highly followed YouTube channel that includes helpful videos for learning to read from early phonics to grammar.

Mr. Thorne Does Phonics: Geraldine’s House is available in the iTunes App Store for iPhone and iPad.