NaturalReader 13 is a text-to-speech software that has a larger selection of natural sounding read-back voices than most similar software. The software comes with up to thirty voice options and eight read-back speeds. It is compatible with Microsoft Word, eBooks, PDF files, emails, and any website, along with both PCs and Macs.  Use the Floating Bar feature while using any application on your computer by highlighting the desired text and clicking the playback button. Even text that isn’t digital can be used with NaturalReader 13 - just scan the pages and NaturalReader 13 will convert the printed text into audio files. This gives you the ability to scan and listen to textbooks, newspapers, office files, and novels. You can even convert text captured on a digital camera or cell phone to an audio file.

This software is great for students of all ages who struggle with reading, giving them the ability to listen to assigned textbook passages or novel chapters. Students with learning disabilities, like dyslexia, can benefit greatly from text-to-speech software like NaturalReader 13 because it gives them the ability to absorb the material in a new way. Instead of frustrating hours spent trying to decipher difficult printed material, NaturalReader 13 delivers the material in a different method, easier for students to understand. There are four versions of NaturalReader 13, ranging from a free download to a $199.50 Ultimate version. The versions differ in number of features so you can pick the version that best suits your needs.

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