NoRedInk, an online startup company started by a passionate high school teacher, has introduced a way for learning grammar to be enjoyable for students. By using a fun and adaptive platform, NoRedInk helps students navigate tricky grammar constructs and improve their writing skills. Through adaptive exercises, personalized curriculum, and immediate feedback, students of all ages can practice their grammar without the burden of having overwhelming red ink all over their paper. A helpful feature of this online tool is the ability for teachers to create classes to track students’ progress with color-coded data charts and see the areas where most students are struggling. Also, they can assign specific assignments and quizzes for students to complete on their own or in class.

Now, 1 in 2 U.S. school districts use NoRedInk. Special education teacher Kecia Waddell raves, “For my students with learning disabilities, NoRedInk has reduced barriers on critical skill development in grammar and written expression. My students are appropriately challenged by NoRedInk’s student-centered, adaptive approach and the resulting data supports my instructional planning.” Other people are noticing its benefits as well-- NoRedInk won NBC’s $75,000 Innovation Challenge in 2012 and has received praise in many news sources, including an article in Forbes. The best part about this tool is students love it, which keeps them engaged and coming back for more.

Students and teachers can sign up for NoRedInk for free on their website.