Phrasal Verbs Machine

The Phrasal Verbs Machine app is a free, easy-to-use tool for those confused and wanting to learn more about how to use phrasal verbs.

Phrasal verbs are verbs used an adverb or preposition that when used together, gives it an entirely different meaning. Some examples of phrasal verbs are “break down,” “deal with,” “left out,” “put on” and “wake up.” Phrasal verbs are sometimes confusing because they do not necessarily match the definition of the original verb. Phrasal Verb Machine helps young learners understand these expressions, which are important because they are used in daily life and literature. Through a fun, interactive game that is visually stimulating, students are exposed to 100+ phrasal verbs with different activities. To further engage users, the app is circus-themed, with main character “Phraso” to guide them through the app. The app contains example sentences in English, as well as 5 other languages, developed by Cambridge University Press. The goal is to make learning these grammar constructions fun and encourage children and language-learners to incorporate phrasal verbs into their speech and writing.

Visit the app’s website here to download it in both Apple and Android app stores.