Many times, tutorials for word processing software or other technologies are word-based and found in large manuals that are tedious to read—especially for people with dyslexia.

Now, there’s a website that hosts a handful of tutorials that are picture-based in lieu of their wordy counterparts.

In Pictures

Image source: In Pictures


In Pictures has picture-based tutorials for many of the Microsoft Office software and other computer technologies all for free!

The site came as a result of a study, where textbooks that included illustrations were more liked than standard textbooks, and they were easier to read and comprehend.

In Pictures makes the tutorial as simple as possible, using pictures and images that you’ll actually see when working in the software. And if you forget how to do something in the software, these picture tutorials are a great resource for a quick reminder on how to do a task!

To use the free online resource, visit the In Pictures website.