Rainbow sentences is an interactive app that helps students break down parts of sentences to improve their grammar skills. By using color coded visual cues, students learn and understand the different grammatical components that make up a sentence. The way the app works is by constructing sentences based on different color coding schemes for specific structural phrases and parts of speech. To personalize the learning experience, teachers and parents can alter the color scheme within the app to match already existing teaching strategies. In addition, there is a self-recording feature of the app which allows students to improve receptive and expressive language skills by hearing themselves speak while self-monitoring their improvement.

The use of colors is not only fun for students, but color coding can aid the student in learning and remembering different grammar components, such as noun and verb phrases. Parents and educators have said they see improvements in students’ understanding and use of sentence structure after using the Rainbow sentences app. You can read more reviews of the app here.

This application is available for $7.99 on the iTunes Store.