Research Topics Easily with ProQuest's eLibraryLooking for a way to research topics easily from reliable sources? Then be sure to check out  ProQuest’s eLibrary!

eLibrary is an online database that is great for researching popular topics, doing homework, creating presentations and writing research papers. The site allows you to easily search through a huge collection of reliable newspaper and magazine articles, millions of images, thousands of books and maps, audio and video files as well as flash multimedia files. Have trouble keeping track of your research? No problem! eLibrary allows you to take notes on your web browser as you conduct your research, and turn that research into virtual time lines or slide shows. You can even email yourself useful items or store them in your personal eLibrary account.

Once purchased, eLibrary can be accessed from both the library and home. Purchase eLibrary, get a free 30-day trial, or find an account representative here.