Technology is ever advancing and as we’ve emphasized on our site, it can often provide helpful tools to those with dyslexia. The Rollerphone is no exception—it’s a watch and a telephone rolled into one device, with some revolutionary features.

​The device, which looks and acts like a normal wrist watch, has a pull-out transparent screen that is good for making and taking phone calls. It is located on the back of the watch and the user can put it to his or her ear to conveniently speak and listen. The screen rolls out right to the tips of the wearer’s fingers to ensure perfect ergonomics, personalized design, and anthropometry, human body measurement. On the front of the watch, the time is projected on the user’s wrist with a tiny projector.

Rollerphone: A Unique Smartphone

Image source: Design You Trust


The list of the Rollerphone’s other features are similar to a standard smartphone: The user can use the Rollerphone to watch videos, chat online, play games, read books, and listen to music.

​While the Rollerphone has the same features of a smartphone that allows a dyslexic user to download helpful applications and features, the Rollerphone has the unique advantage of being fit to an individual. Furthermore, the Rollerphone is conveniently located on the wrist, thus being more accessible and easier to keep track of than a more traditional phone.

To read more about this device and to view images, visit Design You Trust.