Parents, take a look at Response to Intervention (RTI): A Primer for Parents by LD Online. This essential guide contains everything parents need to know about RTI, a "multi-step approach to providing services and interventions to struggling learners at increasing levels of intensity."

The RTI approach to early identification administration of scientifically-based intervention is becoming increasingly popular in public schools, and differs from more traditional methods of service delivery by "[allowing] for early intervention [and provision of] academic and behavioral supports rather than waiting for a child to fail before offering help." The primer breaks down must-have information on RTI into the following sections:

  • The essential components of RTI
  • A glossary of essential terms related to the RTI approach
  • A quick review of recent federal legislation related to the special education process
  • A discussion of the role RTI plays in special education eligibility
  • Tips for how parents can become more involved in the RTI process
  • A discussion of the potential benefits of RTI
  • Ideas on how parents can collaborate with school staff to implement RTI approaches

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