This past summer, 45 college admissions deans from across the country met at Stanford University to learn about high-achieving dyslexic applicants. Experts on dyslexia, such as Sally Shaywitz from Yale University, and successful dyslexics like financier Charles Schwab, spoke to the college representatives in order to show that dyslexic students are intelligent, perseverant, and out-of-the-box thinkers who can be an asset at any college.

One major roadblock for dyslexic students trying to get into college is often the standardized testing (the ACT or SAT) that is required. Low scores on these tests may not accurately reflect a dyslexic student’s abilities. Classroom accommodations for students with learning disabilities are available, however, getting them may be challenging. Shaywitz asked colleges to look beyond these scores when evaluating applications. Her words seem to be having an effect, as colleges are beginning to assess how standardized testing and traditional admissions processes may be leading them to exclude talented dyslexic students. (Find more information on how to get classroom accommodations for your child while they take the SAT and the ACT.)

Many schools are also implementing aids for students with disabilities such as audio textbooks, extra time on tests, and special mentors and advisors. Unfortunately, not every school has the resources available to provide these for students, so be sure to be on the lookout for the schools that do when applying!

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