Scholastic Inc., the global children’s publishing, education, and media company is teaming up with Intel Corporation to design interactive gaming content for kids and families.

The endeavor features Intel’s RealSense technology, which enables voice and gesture interaction, and will showcase two of Scholastic’s most iconic franchises, Clifford the Big Red Dog and I SPY.

​The game demonstrates Intel’s RealSense 3D camera and the portable all-in-one PC’s ability to create more natural human interaction and immersive experiences. Together, the technologies encourage kids ages 3 and up to become more active participants within Clifford stories using motion-based interactions to advance the experience. Meanwhile, kids learn core literacy skills and reading fundamentals along the way.

Scholastic & Intel

Image source: The Verge


The game features four interactive animated adventures that allow players to interact with Clifford characters. Each adventure features three re-playable activities that build early reading skills such as phonics, vocabulary, rhyming, and logic.

​Scholastic and Intel are thrilled to offer families the chance to learn and play together. Both Clifford and I SPY games will be available for Windows Desktop and Windows Metro, and several new games are in development.

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