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Bar Prep Buddy

Shaun, whose story of growing up with dyslexia, has launched a startup with a goal of helping law students study more efficiently for the Bar exam.

Audio Books vs. Reading

To most bookworms, reading a physical book is the ultimate form of learning, immersion, and experience. Some even suggest that listening to an audiobook is “cheating.” Despite this cultural belief, new research offers evidence that our brains react the same way when listening to an audiobook and reading.

EssayOnTime Scholarship Program

Early Reading Development Research

This study investigated the predictive relationship between key phonological language skills and early reading development.

Should You Discuss Your Dyslexia Or Keep It Private?

Dale S. Brown, a self-help leader in the field of Dyslexia, reveals the three times you should discuss your dyslexia, and three times you should keep it private.