SpeechCentral is an application for those who want an easier way to browse the web with text-to-speech technology. The application utilizes audio controls (such as headphone “next” button, keyboard, bluetooth controls) so the user can control the browsing of webpages. A user can select any site and then go hands-free from there, letting the text-to-speech technology read webpage titles, headings, and subheadings of pages that the user then selects with the audio controller. The user can also create a playlist cue of articles and webpages they want to listen to. Webpages and PDFs can be downloaded to the user’s device along with an MP3 of the text-to-speech audio and looked at offline later. A downloaded or live page can be annotated or highlighted as the text is spoken. Offline documents such as Word, Powerpoint, and some e-book formats, can be uploaded to the app and read aloud too. This application is available for Apple, Windows, and Android products.