TalkButton is a text-to-speech software application available for Mac users that can help improve both reading skills and visual attention. It is not only a great tool for dyslexics, but for anyone with reading trouble. Text from almost any browser or source can be copied into Microsoft Word and be read back to you in a variety of dialects or languages while your eyes follow along. You can even have the words highlighted by word or line as a visual aid while the text is being read to help your eyes follow along. The rate at which the text is read can be adjusted to fit the reader’s needs, so whether you need to quickly skim through an article or slowly read through material for comprehension, TalkButton can accommodate. The software even auto-scrolls through the text to match the reading speed. TalkButton also can convert a text document to an audio file in iTunes so you can have the recorded text on your iPhone while on the go.


This software application is helpful for any language learning disability, and also extends its application to foreign language learning or those with visual impairments. If you want to learn more about TalkButton and its many uses, check out the website.