American Wordspeller is an application for iPhone and iPad that assists users in their spelling of hard, and often unphonetically intuitive, words. It is a useful tool for both poor spellers and dyslexics alike, because the app will take an entry and treat it phonetically, how it sounds rather than how it is written. Users can type in the first few letters of a word the way they think it is spelled and the application will provide a list of words whose phonetic spelling matches the letters in the search bar. Then the user can select the correct spelling of the word they were looking for or, if they aren’t sure which word is the correct one, view a definition of a word on the list to make sure it is what they want. Each listed word entry comes with a collection of phonetically similar words so the user can view and compare words like peddle, petal, and pedal to make sure they find the right word quickly. A word’s listing also contains possible suffixed words of that entry so instead of the user trying to phonetically type in the entire word maddening, they can just type in mad and among the possible suffixed words would be madder, maddest, maddening, ect.

This application is available at the App Store.