Arnold Reading Magic is an application for the iPad that combines reading and spelling learning with the success of flashcard studying. Useful for students as young as preschoolers, this app uses repetition and increasing presentation speed to help students review and retain information. The app also tracks activity history and level progress, which makes it a great tool for parents or teachers who want to record a student’s strengths and weaknesses.

The app is not designed to be a game or colorful learning journey, but a beneficial tool with over 3,000 words and phrases to be reviewed. The app can maintain and track multiple learners, and even has an operator/tutor feature so an adult can be actively involved in the student’s progress. Many features of the app can be adjusted to benefit the learner- from presentation speed, font type and size, hints, and supplementary speech instruction. Flashcard sets can be set to ‘reading’ or ‘spelling’ mode depending on what the student wishes to work on, and students can even create custom lists.

To read more about the Arnold Reading Magic application and its many features, visit their site or download it here at the Apple Store.