Similar to Text Expander for Macs, AutoText is an application for Windows PC that allows you to set up and store abbreviated phrases in order to speed up the typing process. AutoText will recognize your abbreviated key letters and automatically insert the full phrase into your line of text.  AutoText works on any Windows software, such as Notepad, Microsoft Word, and even web browser pages like Google Docs and GMail. The application lets you set up and organize your key phrases into folders, so switching between writing cover letters and typing emails to colleagues or college professors takes no time at all.

AutoText is designed to help those who have difficulties with typing or spelling, or those who simply want a faster typing experience. Because the application saves and inserts entire frequently used phrases, there is no need to worry about spelling errors or other common typing mistakes. It is a useful application for young adults entering their early careers, making email signatures and frequently used sentences easy to jot down without having to worry about spelling. Students or professionals who have difficulties with typing because of learning disabilities can also easily benefit from AutoText, with the application taking away any discomfort or frustration with the keyboard.

Visit the website here to learn more about the application’s features and pricing.