Citavi is a reference program that organizes citations and helps keep a paper or report well planned.

Students who struggle to keep their sources for a paper straight or find creating citations difficult will appreciate Citavi and its many features. Users can search for sources with an ISBN number or web browser URL and Citavi will save all the necessary information to make a proper reference note or citation. PDFs can be imported directly into Citavi for careful note-taking, with highlighting and note marker abilities. As a user starts to rack up references and notes, he or she can use Citavi to make an outline with all the proper citations already created by program. With a detailed and properly cited outline, a student can spend less time struggling with the proper placement of commas and periods in their reference page and spend more time writing their paper.

Citavi is available for download in three different editions. Visit to learn more about the program’s features, or watch this demonstrative video here.