Many dyslexics have an easier time reading off of a screen if the color scheme is reversed or adjusted, and the ER Browser is designed to procure similar results. The ER Browser is an application available for iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad that is designed to make searching the web an easier task for people with visual and reading impairments, including dyslexia. Instead of trying to decipher black block letters off of a white screen, ER Browser lets you change the entire configuration of web pages in real time in order to make reading sites easier. Choose between hundreds of preset background/text combinations or browse through the application’s color options to create and save new color themes. There is also a selection of dyslexic-friendly fonts and letter spacing options that can be chosen to make the desired website’s text more readable. The application also has bookmarking ability and tabbed browsing available, making research or saving information easy.

Visit the ER Browser’s website to learn more about the application and be up-to-date on when the Android-compatible version is available. Or download the application for your Apple product here.