Made in succession of Nessy’s Hairy Letters, Hairy Phonics 1, 2, and 3 are applications for your smartphone or tablet that teach young students the phonemes associated with the letters of the alphabet that were mastered in Hairy Letters. The applications are filled with games designed to familiarize young students with digraphs, or pairs of letters used to write one phoneme. Hairy Phonics 1 focuses on 9 common consonant digraphs, like sh, ch, and th. Hairy Phonics 2 tackles a different class of digraphs- vowel pairs like ai, ay, and ee. To complete the spectrum of digraphs covered by the Hairy Phonics line of applications, Hairy Phonics 3 introduces “vowel-r” phonemes along with special “e” cases such as ar, or, a-e, and o-e.

Together, these three applications will help develop your child or student’s phonemic awareness- an important skill for dyslexics. Recognizing these consonant and vowel pairs will help a child’s reading and spelling abilities. Each application comes with “trace the letter” exercises and a new collection of “hairies” monsters that your child can continue to collect throughout the applications’ games.

The Hairy Phonics applications are available for both Apple and Android devices. Visit the Apple Store or Google Play store to learn more about each application and their various prices.