Available for Android devices, the IDEAL Group Reader is a free eBook reader application created to assist with reading. The app can read text aloud, highlighting the sections of text being read if desired. The app is catered towards students, with note-taking abilities using speech recognition and permanent highlighting of the text. Students can have novels for school read out loud to them and write notes right in the text. It goes beyond simply reading though- the app also includes interactive features like pop-ups and asides that you can click on throughout the text to choose additional helpful aids provided by the application. Click on any word to copy, look up, spell, listen, or leave a comment on.

The IDEAL Group Reader, with its many features and large selection of eBooks, is a great tool for students who struggle with reading. It was created to accommodate those with reading impairments or difficulties. The read-out-loud ability and interactive pop-ups will keep the attention of the student, helping improve their reading abilities. The IDEAL Group Reader is currently only available for Android devices, and can be downloaded from the Google Play store.

Visit the IDEAL Group Reader in the Google Play store here to read more about the application.