As its name suggests, InferCabulary is an application that lets students infer the definition of core curriculum vocabulary words by using a collection of pictures. In the application’s Teach mode, each word-- selected from novels such as The Hobbit, Of Mice and Men, and To Kill a Mockingbird-- is presented with descriptive images surrounding it. Each image depicts a variant definition of the word shown, and the student can select each picture to see and hear a caption describing the image’s content. Then, the student can use the images and the captions to infer a definition of the vocabulary word and check his or hers accuracy by selecting the vocabulary word to make Infercabulary’s definition appear. In Game mode, students are presented with a word and must select the picture that best describes the word’s meaning. In Definition mode, the student is presented with two images and multiple definitions and must decide which definitions match the image’s suggested vocabulary word.

The pictures of Infercabulary serve to both reinforce the new word’s meaning and allow the student to come up with a word’s definition through visual clues and inference-- making the learning process more active and interesting than traditional recitation tactics.

InferCabulary is available for iPad at the elementary, middle, and high school level. Visit InferCabulary’s website to learn more about the different level applications.