The KNFB Reader is an application for Android or Apple products that reads, using text-to-speech technology, any image of text taken with a smartphone or tablet’s camera. Originally designed for the visually impaired, this application can help anyone who has trouble reading. The KNFB Reader app takes a picture of any printed material-- from mail, homework sheets, documents, and even text on computer screens-- and converts it into columned text on the smartphone or tablet’s screen. From there, the user can adjust the features of the text to make it easier to follow along the text being read out loud. Font style, size, color, and even the highlight color can all be changed so to better fit the user’s needs. This application can import and export documents and images, and is able to support over ten languages.

Visit the GooglePlay store to learn more about the features of the KNFB Reader, or watch a video on the KNFB Reader’s site that demonstrates the app in action.