Latin and Greek Root Words Learning common Latin and Greek roots are an essential tool for dyslexics, whose morphological awareness, or ability to recognize and use parts of words like suffixes and prefixes, is typically not as strong as non-dyslexic students. Teaching morphological awareness should be a part of the dyslexic's intervention program.

If a student has the knowledge of word roots (and bases), they can more easily break down a word by using its prefix, suffix, or root, to decipher its meaning.

A tool like the application Root Words is a good way to learn and retain Greek and Latin roots. This application uses flashcard-style learning to help students of any age learn Greek and Latin roots. Each individual flashcard has, along with the root and its English meaning, an English word which demonstrates the use of the root. For example, the flashcard that teaches the root 'deca' to mean 'ten' also lists the words "decade, decalogue, decathlon" to give contextual examples of the root in use, ensuring the student’s retention of the information. The application is designed for use with large words and color contrasts so the student can move quickly through a deck.

Learn more about the Root Words application here at the AppleStore.