Optical Character Recognition, or OCR, software is a great tool for dyslexics and anyone with reading difficulties. This software takes PDF documents or images of text and converts them into editable document form. That way you can both edit and copy the original text and also have it read out loud using text-to-speech software. Try the features and abilities of OCR without committing to a purchase and software installation on your computer with the help of Online OCR, a website with free online OCR services. This site allows you upload and convert documents and images for free, with a variety of features depending on your level of commitment or interest in the software. Without registering an account, Online OCR lets you convert up to 15 images an hour into editable documents, like Microsoft Word or Excel. To try OCR software with more features, register on their website to earn the ability to convert and save multipage PDF documents. A registered account can also use the site’s OCR software that supports documents in 46 different languages.

From textbooks to novels to work files or articles, these PDF files can, once uploaded through Online OCR, be read back using text-to-speech software. Students who struggle with reading coursework can especially benefit from this online resource, being able to have their textbook read aloud to them with the help of text-to-speech.

Visit the Online OCR website here to learn more about the assistive software.