Phonics ABACA is an application for both iPhone and iPad that is designed for young children just starting to learn letters. The app has four main features, each focusing on a different approach to introducing letters through phonics. Letters are taught with a “fun song,” and each individual letter’s song has a corresponding picture of something whose phonetic material matches the letter being taught. Once students learn all of the letters and their corresponding sounds, they can practice their letters in the games section of the application. The application also has a beginner’s reading section, which helps users through the identification and pronunciation of simple three-letter words. There are more songs available on the application too-- “yap yap songs” which challenge the user with slightly longer and harder passages than the beginner’s reading section.

This application, with its song-focused education, is designed to teach young students, ages 4 and up, rudimentary and essential phonics and letter knowledge while also keeping them engaged with rhythm and lyrics.

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