When students read out loud they are more likely to hear, catch, and correct mistakes they are making that might not be apparent to them while reading silently. Because students sometimes don’t realize their own incorrect reading habits, some might benefit from hearing themselves read without the pressure of listening to themselves in real time. There are many recording devices and applications available that will perform simple voice recording functions, but Read to Kids is an app with features that can especially help establish a student’s reading fluency awareness.

Although this application is advertised as a resource for parents who wish to pre-record and create a library of their child’s favorite stories, it can also be utilized by students and teachers. Students can record themselves narrating a passage or chapter of a book out loud, and once finished, can create a sound file to be exported to the ITunes library or an email. These sound files are easily accessible and identifiable because the app saves the name of the book, the student who is narrating, the date, and the book’s ISBN number. That way, if a student wishes to go back and listen to multiple recordings, he doesn’t have to browse through and guess which recording will require which book or passage to read along with. As students become more of their reading habits, they can easily go back through the application’s recordings and listen to their progress.

Read to Kids is available for iPad, both as a lite version for free or the full version. Learn more here at the App Store.