Sonday Systems 1 and 2 are successive reading intervention programs that take students through beginning and intermediate reading, writing, and spelling intervention. The lessons of these programs covers both reading and writing instruction; from handwriting, vocabulary, and reading comprehension to phonics, blending, and spelling. The lessons were created using the Orton-Gillingham approach to language and literacy instruction, and are designed to be 35 minute sessions.

Sonday System 1 is focused around pre-reading skills through 2nd grade level instruction. Core beginning reading skills, such as handwriting, basic vocabulary, and beginning reading fluency tactics, are taught using systematic, explicit, and cumulative lesson plans that include a multisensory approach to the information. The intermediate reading intervention program, Sonday System 2, focuses more on developing vocab and comprehension methods. Lessons are focused around prefix, suffix, and word root use in reading comprehension. Each reading intervention program comes with lesson templates and learning plan books so teachers who may not have a firm background in language instruction can still provide systematic and explicit guidance for their students while they and their students follow the lesson plans together. There are checkpoints every few lesson pages built into the program so the teacher can regularly check in with a student’s progress.

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