Spell Better is a spelling and word check resource designed to help students with dyslexia, dysgraphia, and low vision. The application has advanced word prediction and spell check that is context sensitive, so even mistakes like “I sea you” are caught and corrected. It accounts for all kinds of spelling errors, from phonetic errors, word boundary errors, and skipped or repeated letters. If a user is unsure how to spell a word, he or she can spell it phonetically and Spell Better will suggest the properly spelled word complete with vocabulary so the user can be sure the suggestion is the correct word. The application also has text-to-speech technology so it can dictate the words for a while if the user needs to talk out loud to get certain ideas on the page. For those who choose to type, there is a color-coded keyboard customizable with font and highlighting selection. Each word typed can be read aloud with audio pronunciation and checked for context with a vocabulary checker. Finished documents can be exported as a PDF or printed straight from the app.

Having these spelling check resources can ease timid writers into the process, and increase both their interest and skill in writing with the help of constant exposure to spelling corrections and new vocabulary items.

Spell Better is available for iPhone and iPad for free. Learn more about the application here at the AppStore.