Homer’s Odyssey is transformed into an interactive reading experience in the iPad application The Voyage of Ulysses. This application presents an abridged narration of the epic poem through a series of 26 animated and engaging scenes. Students will actively participate in the Greek hero’s journey home, having the power to throw, drag, twist, and tilt objects on each page. The narrated text is available on every page, an aid to students with dyslexia or simply struggle with reading comprehension. When they want a challenge, students can even try to read the story without the aid of narration.

Beyond the text, The Voyage of Ulysses also has two index modes: pictures and map. The pictures index displays the plot’s sequence of events so the student can easily refer back to the story’s events and better link each page to the story as a whole. The map index visually presents each link of Ulysses’s journey, making note of each new character he comes across.

This interactive application keeps students engaged and entertained as it helps build stronger reading comprehension skills. Students who struggle to remain engaged in a book could also benefit from the application’s text narration assistance and countless interactive features.

Visit the application’s website here to watch a short introductory video about the app, or check out the Apple Store to learn more.