Handwriting Without Tears is a company created to help elementary students and teachers with the tedious process of building proper handwriting skills. Created by Handwriting Without Tears, Wet­Dry­Try Suite is an application for the iPad that gives children a way to practice correct letter and number formation. Wet­Dry­Try teaches correct writing habits for capital and lowercase letters, as well as numbers. Young students can practice their letters on a virtual slate chalkboard or blackboard with the help of guided instructions through each letter. Letters can be practiced in any order, or students can follow the order created and recommended by Handwriting Without Tears. Each letter has three levels of practice, each level coming with audio cues and letter formation guidance to help the student through the progressively harder levels. At the successful completion of each level, a star is awarded. With a personalizable student avatar to help keep track of the student’s progress, the student will be motivated to collect all the stars and win the grand prize after completing every letter.

Wet­Dry­Try will teach and reinforce the most efficient and easy way to handwriting. Repetition and audio cues with each level help develop a child’s letter formation without letter reversals­ a common trait of dyslexic students. This application, a top educational app.. available for the iPad, is one of many products by Handwriting Without Tears aimed to improve and correct a young student’s handwriting habits. Visit the A​pp Store ​or their w​ebsite t​o learn more about Handwriting Without Tears and the Wet­Dry­Try application.


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