Whispersync for Voice is a feature for Kindle apps and tablets that marries reading books and listening to them. For Kindle owners, just add the audio companion feature on the tablet or application and decide which method of reading you want with the tap of an icon. Whispersync for Voice uses a fluid and human voice so the user isn’t bored quickly and is able to get interested in the passages quickly. It also saves the place of the reader so you can switch back and forth between reading and listening without having to catch up to where you left off using the other feature last time. If a user tends to gets frustrated with reading quickly, they can switch over to listening with Whispersync, so they remain interested in the book for longer, increasing the reader’s stamina.

This feature is available for Kindles or on the Kindle app for both Apple and Android products.

Learn more about Whispersync for Voice here, or read a review and an accompaniment video of Whispervoice here at the Codpast.