iMovie is another powerful and versatile tool that is ready-to-use on the Mac. It is a powerful way to get feedback on your speech or reading fluency. It can give you an alternative means of obtaining information (in addition or in place of the written form). iMovie can also be a powerful practice tool if you are working on your reading with someone else. Using your built-in camera, you can record a video and archive it without any need for saving or transferring it from a camera to your computer. You can transfer any of these movies to an iPod or iPhone for easy reference, repetition, and portability.

Possible Uses of the Mac’s iMovie software:

  • Record a meeting or lecture to accompany (or eliminate) notes.
  • Receive instant feedback on your presentations before you give them.
  • Practice reading fluency at home (chorally reading a text) with a “model” from a teacher, therapist, or volunteer. Remember, repetition is key for mastery!
  • Monitor your progress for reading fluency by comparing “before” and “after” videos in your video archives.
  • Record a video of yourself to send to someone (instead of an email or text).
  • Record someone reading (and demonstrating) complex directions rather than writing them down.
  • Record key terms for an upcoming test.