Unidentified Dyslexia Takes Heavy Toll

Written by a 5th grade teacher, this article discusses the dangers of unidentified dyslexia and the toll this can take on students - both psychologically and in their work. According to research, anywhere from 6 to 17 percent of school-age children have some type of dyslexia or reading disorder, whether diagnosed or not. This learning disability affects every aspect of their school experience, often making it difficult to keep up with their peers. The importance of early identification, which gives dyslexic students the resources and tools they need to succeed from a young age, is discussed within this article. When students struggle with undiagnosed dyslexia, there is frustration, confusion, and anxiety because they are unaware of the reasons for their challenges. It is explained that students with dyslexia can often lack mechanical skills, but excel in their thinking skills, proving that the disability is not a reflection on their intelligence. The author states that teachers should stay attentive and watch for clues of dyslexia in their students, leading to earlier detection.

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