Unplag is a plagiarism detection software that cross checks a piece of writing against millions of online text pulled from Bing and Yahoo’s index. The program is geared towards more than educators, having features useful for students and independent writers as well. Students can check up to five of their papers against the plethora of online texts to make sure their words and thoughts are original, and Unplag will highlight phrases longer than three words and cite the online texts that match. Similarly, independent writers and journalists can check their articles against the existing corpora of online texts to check for originality, and can even check their newest work against their preexisting or published works for duplicity. Educators can use the software to check their students’ papers against plagiarism, but can also have Unplag check for missing citations. Educators can also integrate Unplag with online grading platforms that students submit papers and assignments on such as BlackBoard, Canvas, Moodle, and Sakai.

Unplag supports multiple file formats such as doc, docx, txt, and pdf. Their website offers free plagiarism checks for text up to 500 words and explains the various pricings for the different packages.

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