​Memrise is a cool online resource that helps you learn a variety of different things including arts & literature, math & science, history, geography, and hundreds of other categories!

Memrise technology helps users learn a language, study anything by creating interactive flashcards and study materials, teach, and even play learning games.


Image source: Memrise


​There are a lot of websites out there that provide learning tools, but Memrise claims some scientific backing to their learning methodology.

Their tools work to trigger short-term memory through vivid images and audio, medium-term memory through meticulously calibrated tests to exercise the brain and strengthen learning, as well as long-term memory through adaptive reminders that are timed for optimum efficiency to keep knowledge fresh and accessible. The site aims to help users form vivid, sensory memories and they test these continuously to give the brain a strong workout.

​Memrise works by encoding new knowledge with memories that are already stored in the brain. It is designed to connect every new word vividly through videos, photos, example sentences, and more. This makes it easier for the brain to store memories.

​Finally, Memrise believes that learning should be fun. They accomplish this by turning learning facts and language into a game. They also have created a rich community for learning.

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