Nelson Lauver shares his story about his life as a dyslexic. He went undiagnosed until he was 29 years old when a man finally confronted him about not being able to write directions. When Lauver went to be tested for dyslexia, he took the test three times because he was in denial about the meaning of his results. He then shares his experiences in elementary school and the frustrations he had when trying to learn two syllable words. Lauver figured out in the second grade that he could either choose to be the "dumb kid" or the "bad kid," so he choose to be the "bad kid" throughout his years in school.

Lauver graduated from high school, even though his reading skills were still at a second grade level. He realized that he needed to get a "real job", so Lauver became an entrepreneur. Lauver jumped from business to business struggling to survive. The day that the man asked Lauver at age 29 if he was dyslexic was a turning point in his life. Lauver is now a respected journalist, speaker, and creator of The American Storyteller Radio Journal.