The internet is a great place because it provides so many resources for a myriad of things. For dyslexics and those who struggle with words, is a very useful tool to master vocabulary. The site allows you to use already existing vocabulary lists, upload text from books, or create your own list to be tested on. However, it is not a strict test, but rather an interactive game that engages the user and motivates them to mastery. Throughout their time spent practicing, the website gives tips and techniques to help remember the meaning of words and how to spell them. In addition, the website contains friendly definitions that help students better grasp the meaning of words, so that it is focused on mastery rather than memorization.

The features that are included with a free account to are beneficial for both students and teachers alike. The existing featured lists contain words from popular literature, nonfiction, historical documents, morphology, speeches, current events, and even test prep databases. Teachers are able to create classes online with up to 50 students and assign words to them so that they can practice at home. This also lets the teacher or parent track the student’s progress throughout the year. The best part about the website is that it is personalized so as you grow with your vocabulary, grows with you, giving exposure to new and increasingly difficult words. is available for both desktop and tablet; sign up for an account here and get started mastering new vocabulary!