​The creators of Whizzimo really wanted to improve the teaching and learning experiences of educators and students with learning disabilities, particularly those with dyslexia. Thus, they created their open teaching and lesson platform for teachers who specialize in students with language-based learning disabilities.

Whizzimo is a tool that allows teachers or tutors to digitize textbooks, flashcards, and other physical tools for reading instruction. This way, students will not only be able to use text-to-speech software that will greatly assist with their reading abilities, but teachers will also be able to access their entire teaching toolset anywhere there is an internet-connected device.

​Whizzimo also allows teachers to design their own reading programs and easily incorporate ones they are already using. Furthermore, they can share ideas and curricula with their students and peers in an easy to use, digitized format.

​Whizzimo is optimized for the iPad but also works on computers.

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