Check out this successful dyslexic! On July 18, inventor and dyslexic Tom Pellereau was named the winner of The Apprentice UK. Moreover, he credits his dyslexia as a contributing factor in his amazing win, calling it a “massive positive.” Pellereau believes that his dyslexia endowed him with specific skills and talents that allowed him to excel in his field and gain a competitive edge on the popular TV series: namely, the ability to visualize objects in his brain and “spin them around.” His language difficulties also led him to become intensely interested in science and engineering—fields in which he felt he could excel—and to invest himself in creative pursuits. Some of Tom’s inventions include the Stylfile, a curved nail file; the Babisil ultra-safe baby bottle; and the Amadeus Acoustic Screen, which protects musicians’ ear drums from damage during live performances.