Dr. Joanne Pierson participates in a discussion of what dyslexic students need to succeed in this interview on Michigan Radio's Stateside.

Dr. Joanne Pierson and Caroline Kaganov, parent of a dyslexic first grader, talk about the extra support dyslexic students need and whether Michigan schools are meeting those needs.

In this interview, Dr. Pierson talks through the matter of defining dyslexia, clearly identifying dyslexic needs, and the importance of dispelling dyslexic assumptions and generalizations in order to help families and individuals receive the support they need.

Dr. Pierson is a speech-language pathologist and founding partner of the Literacy, Language, and Learning Institute based in Ann Arbor. She's also the project manager for the University of Michigan's DyslexiaHelp project, a donor-funded initiative.

This interview appeared on Michigan Radio's Stateside program, July 5, 2016.