Developmental dyslexia is the most common learning disability. It is estimated that dyslexia affects between 5–10% of the population (some estimate even higher).

Dyslexia is a multifaceted, complex diagnosis and the good news is—we know how to treat it. Given its complexity, it can be overwhelming to understand, particularly if it is the first time you are hearing the word. And, it can be scary. Will my child overcome these reading problems? Will she learn to read? Will he graduate from school? Will she find a satisfying career that fosters her strengths? The answer to all of these questions is "yes."

This website not only will help you find a professional to get a diagnosis, navigate the education system, and help you develop a therapy plan, but we have provided a comprehensive glossary to help you understand all of the terms, of which there are many, related to dyslexia, language development, learning disability, and other related areas.

With the help of the information on this site and that of a professional, by taking a step-by-step approach (similar to what clinicians do in evaluation and therapy) you will be able to get your questions answered, develop an action plan, and get the right kind of help for your child. Let's get started.

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