Success Story: CEOs with Dyslexia [1]

Many of the world’s most successful CEOs turned their learning disabilities into learning opportunities.

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Dyslexia On-the-Job [2]

Learn some tips and strategies for how to find success at work, and peruse resources for job hunting.

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Ask Dr. Pierson: Mon. 1/6 [3]

This Monday, visit the site and read Dr. Pierson's advice to a mom who's frustrated with her 10-year-old daughter's psychological evaluation.

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Spread the Word about DyslexiaHelp [4]

Help us get the word out about this great site! Download our free printables and get the code for our web badge, which you can easily implement into your own website!

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Blog: New Research from Brown [5]

New details have emerged regarding brain anatomy and language in young children.

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