NEW! Informal Narrative Writing Assessment
In this new page in the Professionals portal, we help you understand the purpose of informal narrative writing assessments, learn the components of written narratives, and much more!

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Success Story Follow-Up: Henry Winkler [2]

Henry Winkler opens up about his dyslexia: "You don't outgrow dyslexia; you learn to negotiate it."

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Building Bridges with School Staff [3]

Remember, the school staff wants your child to succeed just as much as you do. Here are some suggestions to help you develop a strong, positive relationship with your child's teachers and support staff.

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Ask Dr. Pierson: Mon. 3/3 [4]

A young mother from Wisconsin who struggles academically seeks Dr. Pierson's guidance on how she can approach going back to college.

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Spread the Word about DyslexiaHelp [5]

Download our free printables and get the code for our web badge, which you can easily implement into your own website!

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Blog: A Letter from Dr. Michael Ryan [6]

Dr. Ryan talks about the importance of personal narratives in his latest post, Telling Stories Out of School.

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New page added // Henry Winkler Talks Dyslexia // New Ask Dr. Pierson...and more