NEW! Case Example: Informal Narrative Writing Assessment
Here we expand on our Informal Narrative Writing Assessment page, featured in last month's enewsletter, with a case example.

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NEW! Success Story: Yeoh Shu Wen Cassandra [2]

This bright young dyslexic went from school struggles to straight A's.

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Quiz: Understanding Students' Strengths and Interests [3]

How well do you understand students' strengths and interests? Take our quiz and test your knowledge!

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NEW! Ask Dr. Pierson: Mon. 4/7 [4]

A mom from CA worries her 5th-grade son will lose his IEP, despite dyslexia.

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Spread the Word about DyslexiaHelp [5]

Download our free printables and get the code for our web badge, which you can easily implement into your own website!

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NEW! Blog: White Matter Study [6]

New research shows the impact that the quality of white matter in the brain has on learning.

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