Tiffany Sunday [1]

NEW! Success Story: Tiffany Sunday [1]

This was written by Tiffany Sunday, a published author and dyslexic individual who reached out to us in June of 2014, eager to share her story.

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Child Development: Birth - 6 Years [2]

Child Development: Birth - 6 Years [2]

Wondering how to track your child's development? Our guide can help.

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Ask Dr. Pierson [3]

NEW! Ask Dr. Pierson: Mon. 7/14 [3]

One of our site visitors wonders if an IQ test is required in order to identify dyslexia.

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Spread the Word about DyslexiaHelp [4]

Download our free printables and get the code for our web badge, which you can easily implement into your own website!

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Dyslexia Art of Struggle [5]

NEW! Blog: "Dyslexia: The Art of Struggle" [5]

Visit our blog and read about this great website that shows dyslexic individuals' journeys to success.

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